SheVANnigans: The Beginning

Thank you all for coming to the first post of our little adventure called SheVANnigans. This blog was created to highlight the travels and adventures of my 1986 Dodge Ram El Capitan Van. This adventure couldn't be possible without the love and support of the tripod. The tripod consists of my girlfriend Lacey, my dog Sierra and of course myself.  Together we love to get into shenanigans or sheVANigans wherever we go.

This blog is not some artistic manifesto trying to get everyone to live like we do or be jealous because they aren't. The goal of this blog is to highlight our adventures in the great outdoors and hopefully motivate some of you to do the same. We hope to find community, friendship and fun along the way and so far, so good. Make sure to check us out @shevannigans for up to date posts and pontifications ;)